Addiction Medicine - This forum is devoted to the discussion of topics related to addiction, and behaviours that can be viewed with an addictive model.
Affective Disorders - Considers clinical, research and theoretical issues related to mood disorders.
Anxiety Disorders - This Forum was established by three leaders in the study and treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Andrew Baillie ( Justin Kenardy ( Australia and Peter Perlman ( the US. We are in their debt for their hard work. The PURPOSE of the Forum is to provide a resource to professionals studying or treating anxiety disorders. It is also for academics to teach and train the next generation of researcher and practitioners. Thus, colleagues may send out message to alert others about an upcoming conference, a new book just out, a recent discovery, or other important information. Sometimes, though, the discussion is rather informal and lacks focus. The overall purpose, though, is to collectively add to our collective knowledge about anxiety disorders. However, the Forum is not restricted to these profesionals, teachers, and scholars. Members of the general public are welcome to join us. They often have important insights often lost by professionals. At the same time, the purpose of the Forum is not to seek advice or reactions to personal problems. There are many, many excellent lists established for this purpose.
Attachment Issues - The ATACH Forum was created to facilitate the understanding, elaboration, testing, and application of Bowlby and Ainsworth's attachment theory and the sizable body of research it has generated.
Behavior Analysis - There is a very exciting new development on the Internet for those interested in behavior analysis, psychology, and the application of behavior principles to clinical issues as well as everyday life. Behav-An, the original and premier Internet list for behavior analysis that I started over 5 years ago has moved to the Behavioral Virtual Community (BVC) of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. The list is dedicated to behavior analysis, incorporating discussion of basic research and clinical issues, especially the interrelatedness of behavior analysis to clinical psychology and psychiatry and other interdisciplinary areas. The list is also dedicated to basic discussion in behaviorism and society
Behavior Online - Online discussions of Treatment Issues
Computers in Mental Health - CIMH is about the use and experience of computers within the field of mental health. It is not a discussion list about mental health. The topics discussed include billing and management programs, assessment and treatment programs, ethics, confidentiality, and sometimes we stray a little and discuss useful www sites, online psychotherapy etc but there are other lists that cover those areas in more detail. If you are looking for general mental health information this list is probably not for you. - Mental Health - Searches the content of Newsgroups via the World Wide Web
Dissociative-Disorders - This list focuses on research and treatment in the field of dissociation and dissociative disorders.
Eating Disorders - Eating-disorders is an international electronic forum for the exchanges of ideas, opinions, and information on clinical and research aspects of anorexia and bulimia nervosa, obesity, and other atypical patterns or eating behavior.
Evolutionary Psychology-This forum is hosted by Behavior.Net.
Group Psychotherapy -This list is to encourage the development of group psychotherapy and group work, through the exchange of ideas between professionals in this field from all over the world. Professionals can exchange ideas, publish essays, consult colleagues, ask for references, describe their professional experience, suggest new techniques, discuss research in progress or inform others about important conferences and workshops.
Eating Disorders - Eating-disorders is an international electronic forum for the exchanges of ideas, opinions, and information on clinical and research aspects of anorexia and bulimia nervosa, obesity, and other atypical patterns or eating behavior.
Helplessness - This list provides a forum for scholarly discussion of learned helplessness and explanatory style
Hypnosis - Hypnosis has been set up to encourage an exchange of ideas, opinions, and information among researchers and scientifically minded clinicians who are interested in hypnosis and in the broader topics of suggestion and suggestibility.
Latin Psych - Latin Psych is an international mental health list devoted to Spanish speaking mental health professionals. Students and residents in Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work and related fields are welcomed. It is a closed list. Topics discussed are related to issues in Mental Health. Announcements are welcomed as long as the person making them does contributes to the ongoing discussion. It does not have a commercial agenda.
Object Relations Forum - "It would be a pity to predetermine the scope and emphases of this forum, but its inspiration is an interest in Klein, Post-Kleinians, Winnicott, Fairbairn, Guntrip and other and more recent writers in the object relations tradition within psychoanalysis. There is an existing list on Bion and there is an object relations web site, but there is no forum or web site specifically dedicated to this particular stratum of psychoanalytic theory. This forum and its associated web site are designed to fill this void."
Psychiatric Social Workers- This is a list for psychiatric social workers discussing issues of treatment and diagnosis. Sometimes a bit heavy on theory.
Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere - For discussion of wider social, cultural, philosophical, political, ideological, institutional and related aspects of psychoanalysis and other psychodynamic approaches. (This is not to exclude the clinical but to frame clinical matters contextually.) Matters of concern to the profession, including funding, efficacy, and critiques are also welcome fare, as is any psychodynamically-related topic.
Psychohistory -PH-L welcomes individuals studying or doing research in the field of psychohistory as broadly defined. Psychohistorians strive to explain why persons and groups of people behaved as they have in history through the use of psychoanalytic principles and interdisciplinary methods. History of childhood, psychobiograpy, and group psychohistory are within the scope of this field of study.
Psychosoma - Psychosoma is an Internet discussion group for professionals who are interested in psychosomatic and behavioral medicine. Psychosoma focus on the interdisciplinary field concerned with the development and integration of behavioral and biomedical science knowledge and techniques relevant to the understanding of health and illness, and the application of this knowledge and these techniques to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Psychotherapy Practice - Information of Psychotherapy Practice
Research Design - This is an open discussion list for issues related to designing and doing research in mental health care. .
Rosharch Information and Discussion Group - The Rorschach list is the premier internet source for discussion of all aspects of the Rorschach and other projective techniques. We have on-going discussions among our international membership on many aspects of projective techniques with a primary emphasis on the Rorschach.
Secondary Traumatic-Stress - A forum for professional caregivers, researchers, and graduate students who work with traumatic stress
Sexual Issues in Clinical Practice- A forum moderated by Dr. Marty Klein for clinicians.
Solution Focused Therapy
Transcultural Psychology - Providing a world-wide electronic forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions and information among professionals interested in cross-cultural research, minority issues, and "indigenous psychologies". The main focus is on generic issues in the study of cultures, and topics in the field of counseling and clinical psychology, including the delivery of mental health services to individuals from non-Western cultures and minorities.
Traumatic Stress Forum - The Forum was established in April, 1994. It was the first list established after the flagship list, Psychiatry, was established by Ian Pitchford in February, 1994. Our T-S Forum focuses on the all matters of interest to the emerging field of Traumatology, which is the study, treatment, and reporting of information about the immediate and long-term psychsocial, and psychobiological consequences of highly stressful events and circumstances. Forum members are researchers, practitioners, reporters, policy makers, students, professors, and others who are interested in contributing to the field.