Theories: Feminist Psychology
Selected Readings
Analyzing the Different Voice : Feminist Psychological Theory and Literary Texts (New Feminist Perspectives) by Ellen Silber (Editor), Jerilyn Fisher (Editor), Sally L. Kitch (Contributor)
Another Silenced Trauma : Twelve Feminist Therapists and Activists Respond to One Woman's Recovery by Esther Rothblum
Arguing With the Phallus : Feminist, Queer and Postcolonial Theory: A Psychoanalytic Contribution by Janet Campbell, Jan Campbell
Aspects of the Feminine by Carl Gustav Jung
The Bonds of Love : Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and the Problems of Domination by Jessica Benjamin
Breaking the Rules : Women in Prison and Feminist Therapy by Judy Harden (Editor), Marcia Hill (Editor)
Bringing Cultural Diversity to Feminist Psychology : Theory, Research, and Practice by Hope Landrine (Editor)
Charting a New Course for Feminist Psychology
by Lynn H. Collins (Editor), Michelle R. Dunlap (Editor), Joan C. Chrisler
Changing Our Minds : Lesbian Feminism and Psychology (The Cutting Edge : Lesbian Life and Literature) by Celia Kitzinger, Rachel Perkins
Classism and Feminist Therapy : Counting Costs by Marcia Hill (Editor), Esther D. Rothblum (Editor), Marcia Hill Ed D.
Couples Therapy : Feminist Perspectives (Monograph Published Simultaneously As Women & Therapy , Vol 19, No 3) by Marcia Hill (Editor), Esther D. Rothblum (Editor)
Critical Caring : A Feminist Model for Pastoral Psychology by Valerie M. Demarinis
Diversity and Complexity in Feminist Therapy by Laura S. Brown (Editor), Maria P.P. Root (Editor)
Ethical Decision Making in Therapy : Feminist Perspectives by Elizabeth J. Rave (Editor), Carolyn C. Larsen (Editor)
Expansions of Feminist Family Theory Through Diversity by Rhea V. Almeida (Editor), Rhea V. Almedia
Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women : A Manual of Resources (Suny Series, Psychology of Women) by Michele Antoinette Paludi
The Family Interpreted : Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Family Therapy by Deborah Anna Luepnitz
Feminism and Psychoanalytic Theory by Nancy J. Chodorow
Feminism and Psychoanalysis : A Critical Dictionary (Blackwell Reference) by Elizabeth Wright (Editor)
Feminism and Its Discontents : A Century of Struggle With Psychoanalysis by Mari Jo Buhle
Feminist Perspectives in Therapy : An Empowerment Model for Women by Judith Worell, Pamela Papendrick-Remer
Feminist Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by Charlotte Krause Prozan
The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan (Introduction)
Feminist Approaches for Men in Family Therapy by Michele Bogard (Editor), Michele Bograd (Editor)
Feminist Foremothers in Women's Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health by Phyllis, Phd Chesler (Editor), Esther D., Phd Rothblum (Editor), ell Cole, Ellen Cole (Editor)
Feminist Theories and Feminist Psychotherapies :Origins, Themes, and Variations (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies) by Carolyn Zerbe Enns
Feminist Therapy As a Political Act by Marcia Hill (Editor)
From Klein to Kristeva : Psychoanalytic Feminism and the Search for the 'Good Enough' Mother (Critical Perspectives on Women and Gender Series) by Janice Doane, Devon Hodges
Growing Up Girl : Psychosocial Explorations of Gender and Class (Qualitative Studies in Psychology) by Valerie Walkerdine, et al
A Guide to Dynamics of Feminist Therapy by Doris Howard, Editor
In a Different Voice : Psychological Theory and Women's Development by Carol Gilligan
Innovations in Feminist Psychological Research (Psychology of Women Quarterly 23. 1 & 2) by Ellen B. Kimmel (Editor), Mary Crawford (Editor)
Learning from Our Mistakes : Difficulties and Failures in Feminist Therapy by Marcia Hill (Editor), Esther D. Rothblum (Editor
Mapping the Moral Domain : A Contribution of Women's Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education by Carol Gilligan (Editor), Janie Victoria Ward (Editor), Jill McLean Taylor, Betty Bardige (Editor)
The Next Generation : Third Wave Feminist Psychotherapy
by Ellyn Kaschak (Editor)
Practicing Feminist Ethics in Psychology (Psychology of Women Book Series) by Mary M. Brabeck (Editor)
Psychoanalyses/Feminisms (Suny Series in Feminist Criticism and Theory) by Peter L. Rudnytsky (Editor), Andrew Gordon (Editor)
Psychotherapy With Women : Feminist Perspectives by Marilyn Lawrence (Editor), Marie Maguire (Editor), Jo Campling (Editor)
Radical Feminist Therapy : Working in the Context of Violence by Bonnie Burstow
Speaking the Unspeakable: Religion, Misogyny, and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's Cultural Texts by Diane E. Jonte-Pace
Voicing Chicana Feminisms : Young Women Speak Out on Sexuality and Identity (Qualitative Studies in Psychology Series)
by Aida Hurtado


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Theoretical Gender and Clinical Gender: Epistomological Reflections on the Psychology of Women by Nancy Chodorow
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