Theories: Virginia Satir
Selected Readings
Conjoint Family Therapy by Virginia Satir, Virginia M. Satir
Family Reconstruction : Long Day's Journey into Light by William F. Nerin, Virginia M. Satir (Designer)
Magic of Satir : Practical Skills for Therapists by Sharon Loeschen
Making Contact by Virginia M. Satir
New Peoplemaking by Virginia M. Satir
Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends (3rd Edition) by Bruce Fisher, Robert E. Alberti, Virginia M. Satir
A Resource Handbook for Satir Concepts by Johanna Schwab
Satir Model : Family Therapy and Beyond by John Banmen, Jane Gerber (Contributor), Maria Gomori (Contributor), Virginia M. Satir
Satir Step by Step a Guide to Creating Change in Families by Virginia M. Satir, Michelle Baldwin, Michele Baldwin (Photographer
Self-Esteem by Virginia M. Satir
Systematic Training in the Skills of Virginia Satir by Sharon Loeschen
Use of Self in Therapy by Michele Baldwin (Photographer), Virginia M. Satir (Photographer)
Your Many Faces by Virginia M. Satir
Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic by Steve Andreas


Therapist Profile - Virginia Satir
On the Founding of the PCETI - Person-Centered Exprsestive Therapy Institute - Virginia Satir was once on the Advisory Board