Theories: Self Psychology
Selected Readings
The Analysis of the Self : A Systematic Approach to the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorders by Heinz Kohut
Empathic Attunement : The Technique of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology by Crayton E. Rowe, David S. Mac Isaac (Contributor), David S. MacIsaac
Heinz Kohut : The Making of a Psychoanalyst by Charles B. Strozier
Heinz Kohut and the Psychology of the Self (Makers of Modern Psychotherapy) by Allen M. Siegel
How Does Analysis Cure? by Heinz Kohut, Paul Stepansky (Editor), Arnold Goldberg (Editor)
Kohut, Loewald, and the Postmoderns : A Comparative Study of Self and Relationship (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series, Vol 18) by Judith Guss Teicholz
The Kohut Seminars on Self Psychology and Psychotherapy With Adolescents and Young Adults by Miriam Elson (Editor), Maraim Elson
Psychotherapy After Kohut : A Textbook of Self Psychology by Ronald R. Lee, J. Colby Martin (Contributor)
The Theory and Practice of Self Psychology by Marjorie Taggart White, Marcella Bakur Weiner
The Tragedy of the Self by Gary F. Greif
Treating the Self : Elements of Clinical Self Psychology by Ernest S. Wolf
The World of Self Psychology (Annals of American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry) by Arnold Goldberg (Editor)


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