Treatment Resources: HIV/AIDS
Diagnostic Information
DSM IV - Mental Disorders Due to a General Medical Condition from DSM IV Made Easy Website
DSM IV - Dementia - Scroll Down to "Other Medical Conditions" Including: HIV Disease 294.9 043.1) from DSM IV Made Easy Website
DSM IV - Major Depressive Episode from DSM IV Made Easy Website
Note: There could be other diagnostic categories to consider, and/or the ones listed here may not apply in each case.
Selected Readings
AIDS and Mental Health Practice : Clinical and Policy Issues (Haworth Psychosocial Issues of Hiv/Aids) by Michael Shernoff (Editor)
AIDS and People With Severe Mental Illness : A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals by Francine Cournos (Editor), Nicholas Bakalar (Editor), Nick Bakalar (Editor)
Coping With Hiv Infection : Psychological and Existential Responses in Gay Men (AIDS Prevention and Mental Health) by Lena Nilsson Schonnesson, Michael W. Ross
Counseling Clients With Hiv Disease : Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention by Mary Ann Hoffman
Effects of Substance Abuse Treatment on AIDS Risk Behaviors by Edward L. Gottheil (Editor)
Evaluating Hiv Prevention Interventions (AIDS Prevention and Mental Health) by Joanne E. Mantell, Anthony T. Di Vittis, Marilyn I. Auerbach
Group Therapy for Medically Ill Patients by James L. Spira (Editor)
Handbook of HIV Prevention (AIDS PREVENTION AND MENTAL HEALTH) by John L. Peterson (Editor), Ralph J. Diclemente (Editor)
Hiv and Community Mental Healthcare by Michael D. Knox (Editor), Caroline H. Sparks (Editor)
Hiv Mental Health for the 21st Century by Mark G. Winiarski (Editor)
Hiv Treatment : Mental Health Aspects of Antiviral Therapy (Ucsf AIDS Health Project Monograph Series, No. 4) by Michael Shernoff, Raymond Smith
Hope and Mortality : Psychodynamic Approaches to AIDS and Hiv by Mark J. Blechner (Editor)
If a Partner Has AIDS : Guide to Clinical Intervention for Relationships in Crisis by R. Dennis Shelby
In the Midst of Winter : Counseling Families, Couples, and Individuals With AIDS Infection by Gillian Walker
In the Shadow of the Epidemic : Being Hiv-Negative in the Age of AIDS (Series Q) by Walt Odets
Mental Health and Hiv Infection : Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects (Social Aspect of AIDS Series) by Jose Catalan (Editor)
Preventing AIDS : Theories and Methods of Behavioral Interventions (AIDS Prevention and Mental Health) by Ralph J., Ph.D. Diclemente, John L., Ph.D. Peterson
Psychosocial and Public Health Impacts of New Hiv Therapies (AIDS Prevention and Mental Health) by David G., MD Ostrow (Editor), Seth C., Phd Kalichman (Editor)
Psychosocial Interventions in Hiv Disease : A Stage-Focused and Culture Specific Approach (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) by Isiaah Crawford (Editor), Baruch Fishman (Editor), Isiah Crawford
Now Dare Everything : Tales of Hiv-Related Psychotherapy by Steven F. Dansky
Psychotherapy and AIDS : The Human Dimension by Lucy A. Wicks (Editor)
Reviving the Tribe : Regenerating Gay Men's Sexuality and Culture in the Ongoing Epidemic (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) by Eric Rofes
Therapists on the Front Line : Psychotherapy With Gay Men in the Age of AIDS by Steven A. Cadwell (Editor), Robert A. Burnham, Marshall Forstein (Editor), Stephen A. Cadwell (Editor)
The Ucsf AIDS Health Project Guide to Counseling : Perspectives on Psychotherapy, Prevention, and Therapeutic Practice by James W. Dilley (Editor), Robert Marks (Editor), AIDS Health Project
Understanding AIDS : A Guide for Mental Health Professionals by Seth C. Kalichman
Women and AIDS : Coping and Care (AIDS Prevention and Mental Health) by Ann O'Leary (Editor), Loretta Sweet Jemmott (Editor)
Working With AIDS Bereavement : A Comprehensive Approach for Mental Health Providers (Ucsf AIDS Health Project Monograph Series, No. 3) by Peter Goldblum, Sarah Erickson


AIDS and Sexology Page by Dr. Weinrich who is the Principal Investigator of the Sexology Project at the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC). The HNRC is administered through the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, where Dr. Weinrich is Assistant Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry
CDC National Prevention Information Network - AIDS/HIV
HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service
AIDS therapy: patchwork of pain, hope - APA Monitor
Targeted Interventions Curb Spread of HIV - APA Monitor
AIDS and Behavior
AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV
AIDS Education and Prevention - An Interdisciplinary Journal

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