Treatment Resources: Trauma
Diagnostic Information
Acute Stress Disorder 308.3 - DSM IV Made Easy
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 309.81 - DSM IV Made Easy
Panic Attack Criteria - - DSM IV Made Easy
Australian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies
Dissociation Journal
Journal of Traumatic Stress - The leading professional publication covering traumatic stress studies. JTS is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal featuring the work of leading researchers
Trauma Clinic:
The Los Angeles Center for Traumatic Stress and Sudden Bereavement - a non-profit community organization that services children and adolescents in South-Central Los Angeles. Following an acute event, the Center provides psychological and neuropsychological evaluation based on current and consistent research. With early intervention, our mission is to prevent the development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as well as associated disorders including Major Depression and Substance-Related Disorders. The Center also provides continuing education lectures for mental health professionals.
Readings - Family
Not Trauma Alone : Therapy for Child Abuse Survivors in Family and Social Context by Steven N. Gold
Trauma-Organized Systems : Physical and Sexual Abuse in Families (Systemic Thinking and Practice) by Arnon Bentovim
Selected Readings - Groups
Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma by Robert H. Klein (Editor), Victor L. Schermer (Editor), K. Roy MacKenzie
Trauma Recovery and Empowerment : A Clinician's Guide for Working With Women in Groups by Maxine Harris, Jerri Anglin, Community Connections
Readings - Child/Teen
Children in Exile : Therapeutic Work in the Community and the Clinic With Child Survivors of Political Violence and War by Sheila Melzak (Editor)
Creativity and the Dissociative Patient : Puppets, Narrative, and Art in the Treatment of Survivors of Childhood Trauma by Lani Alaine Gerity, Edith Kramer (Introduction)
Developmental Perspectives on Trauma : Theory, Research, and Intervention (Rochester Symposium on Developmental Psychopathology, Vol 8)
Do They Grow Out of It? : Long-Term Outcomes of Childhood Disorders by Lily Hechtman (Editor)
Even from a Broken Web : Brief, Respectful Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma by William Hudson O'Hanlon, Bob Bertolino, Bill O'Hanlon
Handbook for Treatment of Attachment-Trauma Problems in Children by Beverly James
Play Therapy with Children in Crisis: Individual, Group, and Family Treatment by Nancy Boyd Webb (Editor), Lenore Terr
Too Scared to Cry : Psychic Trauma in Childhood by Lenore Terr
Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman MD, Judith Lewis Herman
Treating Traumatized Children : New Insights and Creative Interventions by Beverly James
Unchained Memories : True Stories of Traumatic Memories, Lost and Found by Lenore Terr
The Untouched Key : Tracing Childhood Trauma in Creativity and Destructiveness by Alice Miller, Hildegarde Hannum, Hunter Hannum

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DSM IV Made Easy Website - provides diagnostic information on most DSM IV categories
Dr. Bob's Website - DSM IV Codes - provides codes for each DSM IV category
Psychiatric Meds Info- links to the site


NPR Broadcasts on PTSD

11-24--01 Weekend Edition: Recovering from 9-11

NPR's program about the recovery of "Camille" -- a woman who witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center and who has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

April 31, 1999 Children of War Part 2

Deborah Amos concludes her two part series. She reports on difficulties faced by humanitarian groups trying to provide psychological help for Rwandan children traumatized by the 1994 genocide there. There is a massive need for counseling. But therapists face cultural resistance to discussing psychological issues. Until recently, there were no words in the local language to describe different states of mental health. (6:30)

March 31, 1999 Children of War Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Deborah Amos reports from Bosnia on efforts to treat thousands of children traumatized by that country's war. Recent scientific research has found that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs not only in adults, but in young people as well. United Nations and private aid agencies are employing the latest therapies to help kids suffering from flashbacks, physical pain, intense anxiety, and other symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (8:00)

October 23, 1998 Girls in Custody

NPR's Jon Hamilton reports that a new study shows adolescent girls in custody for serious offenses often suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (4:06)

After the Storm, Children Play Out Fears- APA Article
Anxiety Disorders and PTSD - NIMH Articles
Early Childhood Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress as Predictors of Treatment Outcome with Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder by Julian D. Ford and Phyllis Kidd
Help for Traumatized Children - AAMFT Article
Couples Therapy with Traumatized Partners
Posttraumatic Therapy by Frank M. Ochberg - Department of Psychiatry, Michigan State University
Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation - Link to Articles on Trauma and PTSD
Articles for Clients
National Institute of Mental Health Articles on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Dr. David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages - focuing on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster. The purpose of this award winning site is to provide information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field
International Society for the Study of Dissociation
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies - founded in 1985 for professionals to share information about the effects of trauma. ISTSS and is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about policy, program and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences
National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation
PTSD Resources on the Web
Selected Readings - General
Assessing Psychological Trauma and Ptsd by John P. Wilson (Editor), Terence M. Keane (Editor), Susan D. Solomon
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma : Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing (New Directions in Cognitive-Behavior by Mervin R. Smucker, Constance V. Dancu
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies for Trauma by Victoria M. Follette (Editor), Josef I. Ruzek (Editor), Francis R. Abueg (Editor)
Countertransference in the Treatment of Ptsd by John P. Wilson (Editor), Jacob D. Lindy (Editor)
Ethnocultural Aspects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder : Issues, Research, and Clinical Applications by Anthony J. Marsella (Editor), Matthew J. Friedman (Editor), ellen Gerrity, Matthew F. Friedman (Editor), Raymond M. Scurfield (Editor)
Even from a Broken Web : Brief, Respectful Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma by William Hudson O'Hanlon, Bob Bertolino, Bill O'Hanlon
Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth : A Clinician's Guide (Personality and Clinical Psychology Series) by Lawrence G. Calhoun, Richard G. Tedeschi
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Comprehensive Text by Philip A. Saigh (Editor), J. Douglas Bremner (Editor), J. Douglas Bremer (Editor)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: Concepts and Therapy by William Yule
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Litigation : Guidelines for Forensic Assessment by Robert I. Simon (Editor)
Psychological Assessment of Adult Posttraumatic States (Psychotherapy Practitioner Resource Book) by John Briere
Risk Factors for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder by Rachel Yehuda (Editor)
Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology : Clinical Intervention With Adult Survivors by Shanti Shapiro, George M. Dominiak
Trauma Assessments : A Clinican's Guide by Eve B. Carlson
Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman MD, Judith Lewis Herman
Unchained Memories : True Stories of Traumatic Memories, Lost and Found by Lenore Terr