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May 30, 2001 Crossing the Water: Working with Troubled Boys

More states are prosecuting teenage boys as adults and sending them to adult jails. Are there other options for these difficult kids? Juan Williams talks with adults who have worked in special schools for boys in tough situations and with young men who've been through these schools.

March 3, 1998 Juvenile Crime/Mental Health

The vast majority of children in the juvenile justice system reportedly have some sort of mental or emotional problem. But most of those kids don't get the help they need ... the institutions are often overcrowded and offer inadequate counseling, substance abuse and suicide prevention programs.

Selected Readings
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Boys to Men - Emotional Miseducation - APA Monitor
Children and Violence - NIMH Articles/Reports
Clinical Update: Adolescent Disruptive Behavior Disorders. By James Alexander. AAMFT (1999). Designed to educate therapists on topics such as diagnosis and assessment, terminology, BioMedical and associated considerations, treatment options, professional resources, and new decisions in service delivery.
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Researchers Study Linkes Between Empathy and Conduct Disorder - APA Monitor
Shared Perspectives: The Crisis Continues - APA Monitor
When Interventions Harm: Peer Groups and Problem Behavior - American Psychologist Article
National Institute of Mental Health Articles on Learning Disabilities

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