Treatment Resources: Dual Diagnosis
Diagnostic Information
DSM IV Made Easy Website - provides diagnostic information on most DSM IV categories
Dr. Bob's Website - DSM IV Codes - provides codes for each DSM IV category
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Selected Readings
Celebrating Small Victories : A Primer of Approaches & Attitudes for Helping Clients With Dual Disorders by Ken Montrose, Dennis Daley
Comorbidity of Addictive and Psychiatric Disorders (The Journal of Addictive Diseases) by Norman S. Miller, Barry Stimmel (Editor)
Double Jeopardy : Treating Juvenile Victims and Perpetrators for the Dual Disorder of Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse by Chris L. Frey
The Dually Diagnosed : A Therapist's Guide to Helping the Substance Abusing, Psychologically Disturbed Patient by Dennis C., Ph.D. Ortman
Dual Diagnosis : Counseling the Mentally Ill Substance Abuser by Katie Evans, Michael Sullivan, J. Michael Sullivan
Dual Diagnosis of Major Mental Illness and Substance Abuse : Recent Research and Clinical Implications (New Directions for Mental Health Services No 7 by Robert E. Drake (Editor)
Dual Disorders : Counseling Clients With Chemical Dependency and Mental Illness by Frances Campbell, Dennis C. Daley, Howard B. Moss
Dual Disorders : Essentials for Assessment and Treatment by David F. O'Connell
Improving Treatment Compliance : Counseling and Systems Strategies for Substance Abuse and Dual Disorders by Dennis C. Daley, Allan Zuckoff
Lives at Risk : Understanding and Treating Young People With Dual Disorders by Hilary Ryglewicz, Bert Pepper, Susan Arellano (Editor)
Living Skills Recovery Workbook by Pat Precin
Managing the Dually Diagnosed Patient : Current Issues and Clinical Approaches by David F. O'Connell (Editor)


MIDDA - Dual Diagnosis Website
Dual Diagnosis Issue of
Assessing and Treating Comorbid Mood and Substance Use Disorders by Mark J. Albanese, M.D.