Treatment Resources: Bereavement
Diagnostic Information
DSM IV - Major Depressive Episode (Links to DSM IV Made Easy Website)
Journal of Death Studies - "Papers on significant research, scholarship, and practical approaches in the fast growing areas of bereavement and loss, grief therapy, death attitudes, suicide, and death education"
Loss, Grief and Care - explores the crucial issues of psychosocial care for chronically, critically, and terminally ill patients and their family members. Experts contribute articles on these issues from many perspectives, including multiple diseases, multiple topics, multidisciplinary caregiving, and the efforts of multidisciplinary professionals in the allied health sciences and related fields.
Mortality - "Addresses issues relating to death, dying, disposal and bereavement"
NPR Broadcasts

October 20, 2001 Weekend Edition - Saturday- Grief and Anxiety

Weekend Edition - Saturday -- Scott Simon talks with Dr. Robert Washington, a bereavement counselor and psychologist, about the nature of grief. Washington says that grief is an expected and natural response to loss -- not a pathology.

11/25/1997 All things Considered - A Roundtable Discussion on Grief and Bereavement

A discussion of various grief reactions to the death of someone close. Bereavement, in the view of the panel, is not something one "gets over," but instead is something that can be accommodated, ameliorated, and -- eventually -- successfully integrated into the survivor's life. The panel discusses the role of ritual and the changing role of formal "rites of mourning." They also discuss "disenfranchised" grief -- grief over losses that are often not recognized as such by the wider public.

08/20/1996 Talk of the Nation LOSING A PARENT

The death of a mother or father is one of the most common and\n difficult events in our lives. On the next Talk of the Nation, join Ray Suarez for a discussion of how the\n experience changes our lives, and how we can better cope with losing a parent.\n \r Guests: \n Anne Rosenberger \n Director, Bereavement and Loss Center of New York

03/19/1996 Talk of the Nation - Teaching Children About Grief

Discussion about how to teach children about coping with trauma and grief, including children's reactions to stress and disaster, presentations of death and dying in the media, and how parents and teachers can help kids work through their feelings of confusion when something terrible happens

Bereavement in Older Adults: Biological, Functional and Psychological Consequences by Ni A. Khin, M.D., and Trey Sunderland III, M.D.
Mourning and the Failure to Mourn by Patrick J. Casement, Ph.D


Resources for Clients
GriefNet is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. We have 37 email support groups and two web sites. Our integrated approach to on line grief support provides help to people working through loss and grief issues of all kinds
After Loss - Many people are suffering losses in their life and the grief runs deep. If you have suffered the loss of a child, parent, sibling, friend, pet, or lover, this area is for you. You can share you thoughts and feelings with others. You can get information of how to cope or you can just find someone to listen. Please join our community!
Help is at Hand - Bereavement Page
Hospice Foundation of America - Links to Organizations and Resources
National Center for Victims of Crime
Selected Readings
Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy : A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner by James William Worden
Grief Education for Caregivers of the Elderly (Haworth Religion and Mental Health.) by Junietta Baker McCall
Handbook of Bereavement : Theory, Research, and Intervention by Margaret S. Stroebe (Editor), Wolfgang Stroebe (Editor), Robert O. Hansson (Editor)
Helping Bereaved Children : A Handbook for Practitioners by Nancy Boyd Webb (Editor)
Loss : Sadness and Depression (Attachment and Loss) by John Bowlby
Traumatic Grief : Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention (The Series in Trauma and Loss) by Selby Jacobs
Traumatic and Nontraumatic Loss and Bereavement : Clinical Theory and Practice by Ruth Malkinson (Editor), Simon Shimshon Rubin (Editor), Eliezer Witztum
Treatment of Complicated Mourning by Therese A. Rando

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