Career: Private Practice
Selected Readings
Building Your Ideal Private Practice: A Guide for Therapists and Other Healing Professionals by Lynn Grodzki
Building a Group Practice : Creating a Shared Vision for Success (Practitioners Toolbox) by American Psychological Association Practice Directorate, Coopers, lyb
Breaking Free of Managed Care: A Step-by-Step Guide to Regaining Control of Your Practice by Dana C. Ackley
Clinician's Thesaurus : The Guidebook for Writing Psychological Reports (The Clinician's Toolbox) by Edward L. Zuckerman
Contracting on a Capitated Basis : Managing Risk for Your Practice (Apa Practitioner's Toolbox Series)
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Private Practice (Professional Skills for Counsellors) by Roger Thistle
Don't Lose Your Patients! : Responding to Clients Who Want to Quit Treatment by Herbert S. Strean
A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups by John R. Price (Editor), David R. Hescheles (Editor)
The Essential Guide to Group Practice in Mental Health: Clinical, Legal, and Financial Fundamentals by Simon H. Budman, Brett N. Steenbarger, Edward L. Zuckerman
Get Clients Now! : A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants by C. J. Hayden
How to Build and Market your Mental Health Practice by Linda L. Lawless
How to Build a Thriving Fee-For-Service Practice: Integrating the Healing Side with the Business Side of Psychotherapy by Laurie Kolt
How to Get Referrals : The Mental Health Professionals Guide to Strategic Marketing by Linda L. Lawless, Jean Wright
Independent Practice for the Mental Health Professional : Growing a Private Practice for the 21st Century by Dorothy Barnes, Joan Kaye Successful Private p Beigel, Ralph H. Earle
Marketing to Managed Care Organizations by Kathleen S. Penkert
Marketing Your Practice : Creating Opportunities for Success (Practitioner's Toolbox Series)
Money-Smart Secrets for the Self-Employed by Linda Stern
Outcomes and Incomes: How to Evaluate, Improve, and Market Your Psychology Practice by Paul W. Clement
The Paper Office : Forms, Guidelines, and Resources (Clinician's Toolbox) by Edward L. Zuckerman
The Preferred Provider's Handbook : Building a Successful Private Therapy Practice in the Managed Care Marketplace by William L. Poynter
Psycho-Economics : Managed Care in Mental Health in the New Millennium by Robert D. Weitz (Editor)
The Psychotherapist's Guide to Cost Containment : How to Survive and Thrive in an Age of Managed Care by Bernard D. Beitman
Psychotherapy in Managed Health Care : The Optimal Use of Time & Resources by Carol Shaw Austad, William H. Berman (Editor)
Second Opinions : Sixty Psychotherapy Patients Evaluate Their Therapists by Lee D. Kassan
Solution Focused Group Therapy : Ideas for Groups in Private Practice, Schools, Agencies, and Treatment Programs by Linda Metcalf
Some Stories Are Better Than Others : Doing What Works in Brief Therapy and Managed Care by Michael F. Hoyt, Michael Holt
Strategic Marketing : How to Achieve Independence and Prosperity in Your Mental Health Practice by Kalman M., Ph.D. Heller
Surviving the Demise of Solo Practice : Mental Health Practitioners Prospering in the Era of Managed Care by Nicholas A. Cummings (Editor), Michael S. Pallak (Editor), Janet L. Cummings (Editor)
Tracking Mental Health Outcomes: A Therapist's Guide to Measuring Client Progress, Analyzing Data, and Improving Your Practice by Donald E. Wiger, Kenneth B. Solberg


Fees and Salaries of MFT's - AAMFT
How Business Pressures Shape the Social Evolution of Modern Private Practice--A Case Study by Mark Schultz, M.D.
Private Practitioner Newsletter - Psychwatch
Insurance Billing - Do it Yourself Or?... by Kenneth Salzman, PhD
The AAMFT Code of Ethics
Bazelton Center for Mental Health Law
Psychotherapy Finance Website
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