Group Therapy
Selected Readings
Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Specific Problems and Populations by John R. White (Editor), Arthur S. Freeman (Editor)
Cognitive Therapy in Groups: Guidelines and Resources for Practice by Michael L. Free
Combining Individual and Group Therapy (The Master Work Series) by Judith Caligor, Nina D. Fieldseel (Contributor), Albert J. Brok (Contributor)
Couples Group Psychotherapy : A Clinical Practice Model by Judith Coche, Erich Coche
Critical Incidents in Group Therapy by Jeremiah Donigian, Diana Hulse-Killacky
Foundations and Applications of Group Psychotherapy : A Sphere of Influence (International Library of Group Analysis, 10) by Mark F. Ettin
Group : Six People in Search of a Life by Paul Solotaroff
Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma by Robert H. Klein (Editor), Victor L. Schermer (Editor), K. Roy MacKenzie
Group Therapy for Medically Ill Patients by James L. Spira (Editor)
The Group Therapy Treatment Planner by Kim Paleg, Arthur E. Jongsma, Arthur Freeman, David Castro-Blanco
Group Work With Overwhelmed Clients : How the Power of Groups Can Help People Transform Their Lives by Elaine Pinderhughes, June Gary Hopps
A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups by John R. Price (Editor), David R. Hescheles (Editor)
Solution Focused Group Therapy : Ideas for Groups in Private Practice, Schools, Agencies, and Treatment Programs by Linda Metcalf
The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yalom
Specific Issues
Abuse - Sexual
Abuse - Domestic Violence
Abuse - Incest
Abuse - Emotional
Abuse - Neglect
Abuse - Physical
Blended Family Issues
CRISIS Management
Eating Disorders
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Multicultural Perspectives
Panic Attacks
Parenting Issues
Rape Trauma
Substance Abuse
Tarasoff/Violent Client


Group Therapy Requires Good Clinical Judgment, Careful Screening by Elizabeth Fried Ellen, LICSW
When Interventions Harm: Peer Groups and Problem Behavior - American Psychologist Article
Group - contains articles and book reviews that pertain to group dynamics and group psychotherapy in the realm of theory, research, and clinical practice. Articles explore gender issues, large-group dynamics, and group-as-a-whole theory.
Group and Organization Management - bridges the gap between research and practice for psychologists, group facilitators, educators and consultants who are involved in the broad field of human relations training.
Group Decision and Negotiation
Group Dynamics - Theory, Practice and Research - APA Journal
Group Processes and Intergroup Relations - new social psychology journal that focuses on basic and applied aspects of group and intergroup phenomena, ranging from small interactive groups to large-scale social categories, and from basic social cognition through the analysis of interaction to the macro-social study of intergroup relations. About the Journal
Treatment Planners
The Community Mental Health Treatment Planner (Practice Planners) by Arthur E. Jongsma (Editor), David J. Berghuis (Editor), Kellye Slaggert (Editor)
The Group Therapy Treatment Planner by Kim Paleg, Arthur E. Jongsma, Arthur Freeman, David Castro-Blanco
The Group Therapy Treatment Planner (Practice Planners.) by Kim Paleg, Arthur E. Jongsma, Arthur Freeman, David Castro-Blanco