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July 10, 2002 -Spanking

An intriguing discussion about spanking and whether or not it only increases bad behavior. Two experts discuss: Elizabeth Gershoff, a research scientist at Columbia University's National Center for Children in Poverty, and Howard C. Stevenson, a professor of clinical child psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and a co-author of Stickin' To, Watchin' Over, and Gettin' With: An African American Parent's Guide to Discipline.

July 8, 2002 - Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion

This Morning Edition broadcast interviews Robert Cialdini on his new book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

July 8, 2002 - Fire Lovers

Talk of the Nation broacast about the psychology of arsonists. With the recent wildfires in Arizona and Colorado allegedly set by people, there is a growing urgency to understand the psychology of those who set, and those who fight, fires.

June 24, 2002 - Living Through War

This Talk of the Nation Broadcast focuses on how people psychologically manage to function during times of War. Psychiatrists from Jerusalem and Palestine discuss.

June 19, 2002 - Autism and Education

Because the number of children with autism has risen sharply in the recent years, there is an urgent need to research the best teaching methods. On Morning Edition, Larry Abramson reports on emerging strategies for educating children with mild forms of autism. (12:30)

June 12, 2002 - Father Loss

"Do men and women deal with loss differently? Some psychologists believe men who lose their fathers grieve differently from women, and their recovery can be a complicated process. Some need to create a monument to their lost father, others need to become a father themselves. On the next Talk of the Nation, join Neal Conan for a discussion about fatherloss"

May 27, 2002 - Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children

"May 27, 2002 -- Catholic priests are the focus of the current child sexual abuse scandal, but the realm of possible predators extends to anyone with access to children: teachers, coaches, baby-sitters, scout leaders, relatives. Mental health professionals and educators have been trying to develop programs that help prevent sexual abuse by arming kids with information. For Morning Edition, NPR's Brenda Wilson reports."

May 27, 2002 - Mexico's Mentally Ill

"May 27, 2002 -- In the 1960s, advocates for the mentally ill badgered authorities into closing squalid psychiatric hospitals in the United States. But they were less successful in getting community-based facilities for the mentally ill opened. American cities ended up with the mentally ill living -- and suffering -- on the streets.

Today in Mexico, there's a woman leading a similar revolution against large psychiatric asylums, but she's taking it one step further. NPR's Joanne Silberner reports for All Things Considered."

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