Treatment Resources: Blended Family Issues
Selected Readings
Adolescent Siblings in Stepfamilies : Family Functioning and Adolescent Adjustment (Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development) by E. Mavis Hetherington (Editor), Sandra Henderson (Editor), David Reiss (Editor)
Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families: From Old Problems to New Futures by William C. Madsen, Michael P. Nichols (Editor
Coping With Divorce, Single Parenting and Remarriage : A Risk and Resiliency Perspective by E. Mavis Hetherington (Editor)
Old Loyalties, New Ties : Therapeutic Strategies With Stepfamilies by Emily B. Visher, John S., M.D. Visher (Contributor)
Positive Discipline for Blended Families : Nurturing Harmony, Respect, and Unity in Your New Stepfamily (Positive Discipline Library) by Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin (Contributor), H. Stephen Glenn
Stepfamilies : A Guide to Working With Stepparents and Stepchildren by Emily B. Visher, John S., M.D. Visher
Stepfamilies : The Step by Step Model of Brief Therapy by Mala Schuster Burt, Roger B. Burt
Stepfamily Realities : How to Overcome Difficulties and Have a Happy Family by Margaret Newman
The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia Lewis, Sandra Blakeslee
Step-Stories Newsletter - by the Stepping Stones Counseling Center
NPR Broadcasts

September 6, 2000 Divorced Parents and Joint Custody of Children

Today, more parents are opting for custody arrangements that share day-to-day childrearing duties as well as legal responsibilities. Fathers' rights groups say joint physical custody is a vindication for dads who have been relegated to the unemotional role of financial provider. But opponents say courts that prescribe shared parenting have lost sight of children's best interest. Does the time kids spend with their divorced parents need to be equal time to be quality time, or have the courts taken gender equity too far?

December 2, 1999 The Changing American Family

The American family is undergoing a major transformation. People are getting married later-- if at all-- and families with more than one child are becoming more and more rare. Researchers say that by the turn of the century, more than half of the nation's children will not be living with both parents.

November 4, 1999 Infidelity

Infidelity is no longer a private matter... beyond political scandals, therapists and family counselors are writing more about the issue, and new studies are researching what motivates infidelity, and ways to repair the damage it inflicts on marriages and families.

05/19/1998 Talk of the Nation Kids and Divorce

It's widely agreed that divorce is a painful and confusing experience for children, but there's debate over its long-term affects.

05/13/1998 Talk of the Nation Raising Boys

They say, "boys will be boys" but just what ARE boys supposed to be? For at least a decade, child psychologists have focused much attention on the social and emotional development of girls. Now, they say we need to spend more time trying to understand boys.



DivorceStep - Website that provides Consultation and Direct Service in the Areas of Divorce and Stepfamily Relationships
Step Family Association of America - a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to successful stepfamily living
Step Family Connection - dedicated to strengthening stepfamilies by providing resources, workshops, and support both in the community and on the Internet.
Step Family Foundation - Offers support for Step Families and Training opportunities to become a Step Family Counselor
Step Family inFormation - This site offers clear, factual, useful information about building long-term, high nurturance family relationships. The goals here are prevention and healing. These links will take you to many experience-based educational articles and resources that will help widowed, divorcing, courting, or re/married co-parents and their minor and grown kids to heal and flourish
Step Family Network - Educating Stepparents, Parents, Family Professionals, and Stepchildren
Step Family Resources and Support Groups by State - by the Step Family Network - SMI's goal is providing educational material and support resources for all women and persons who are, or have been stepmothers, stepfathers or in a stepfamily as a stepchild or otherwise related to a stepfamily environment
The Face of Stress by Christina Del Valle, Staff Writer, Newsday - "For new stepfamilies, turmoil is the rule, a new study finds-but commitment and consistency can change that."
One Family's Journey to Healing - Stepfamily Network

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