Treatment Resources: Elderly Clients
Notes on Some Transferencial Effects of the Holocaust: Unmentalized Experience and Coincidence of Vulnerability in the Therapeutic Couple by Judith Mitrani, PhD
Selected Readings
Aging : The Health Care Challenge : An Interdisciplinary Approach to Assessment and Rehabilitative Management of the Elderly by Lewis, Carole Bernstein Lewis (Editor)
Clinical Geropsychology by Inger Hilde Nordhus (Editor), Gary R. Vandenbos (Editor), Stig Berg (Editor), Pia Fromholt (Editor)
Essential Papers on the Psychology of Aging (Essential Papers in Psychoanalysis Series) by M. Powell Lawton (Editor), Timothy A. Salthouse (Editor)
Full Circle : Spiritual Therapy for the Elderly (Haworth Activities Management) by Kevin H. Kirkland, Howard McIlveen
Grief Education for Caregivers of the Elderly (Haworth Religion and Mental Health.) by Junietta Baker McCall
Handbook of Clinical Psychology of Ageing by Robert T. Woods (Editor)
A Heart of Wisdom : Marital Counseling With Older and Elderly Couples by Mary Ann Wolinski
The Last Childhood : A Family Story of Alzheimer's by Carrie Knowles
Life Stories : Personal Construct Therapy With the Elderly (Wiley Series in Psychotherapy and Counselling) by Linda L. Viney
Mental Disorders in Older Adults by Steven H. Zarit, Judy M. Zarit
Mental Health Care for Elderly People by Sally J. Redfern (Editor), Ian J. Norman (Editor)
The Older Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner by Arthur E. Jongsma Jr., Deborah W. Frazer
Psychotherapy With the Elderly : Becoming Methuselah's Echo by George Bouklas
Strategies for Therapy With the Elderly : Living With Hope and Meaning by Claire M., Ph.D. Brody, Vicki G., Psy.D Semel
Therapeutic Activity Intervention With the Elderly : Foundations & Practices by Barbara A. Hawkins, Marti E. May, Nancy Brattain Rogers
Treating Depression in the Elderly by Curran, Wattis, Roger Coakes, Sellors, Lynch
Treating the Elderly (Jossey-Bass Library of Current Clinical Technique) by Javaid I. Sheikh (Editor), Irvin D. Yalom (Editor)
Treating the Elderly With Psychotherapy : The Scope for Change in Later Life by Joel Sadavoy, Molyn Leszcz (Editor)
Journal of Death Studies - "Papers on significant research, scholarship, and practical approaches in the fast growing areas of bereavement and loss, grief therapy, death attitudes, suicide, and death education"
Loss, Grief and Care - explores the crucial issues of psychosocial care for chronically, critically, and terminally ill patients and their family members. Experts contribute articles on these issues from many perspectives, including multiple diseases, multiple topics, multidisciplinary caregiving, and the efforts of multidisciplinary professionals in the allied health sciences and related fields.
Mortality - "Addresses issues relating to death, dying, disposal and bereavement"
Helpful Links
DSM IV Made Easy Website - provides diagnostic information on most DSM IV categories
Dr. Bob's Website - DSM IV Codes - provides codes for each DSM IV category
Psychiatric Meds Info- links to the site


NPR Broadcasts:

March 5, 2002- Eldercare

An eighteen month Federal investigation found that incidents of abuse in nursing homes DO NOT get reported promptly, and are rarely prosecuted. So, how do we ensure proper care for the elderly?"

September 5, 2001 The Forgetting:A Profile of the 'Demographic Time Bomb' of Alzheimer's Disease

Program Description: Alzheimer's disease has been called a "demographic time bomb" that has evolved from a curious affliction to an American epidemic. In the past quarter century, the number of elderly people diagnosed with the disease has risen from 500,000 to five million

Elderly in America Tom talks with MIT economist Lester Thurow about the consequences of a growing elderly population in America. Analysts predict the elderly will become a political majority by the year two-thousand twenty-five. Thurow argues that will change the face of American society, from government to business.

Elderly Roomates In the first of a two part series, NPR's Wendy Schmelzer reports on different housing options for the elderly. Today she visits two older women who've been roommates for nine years. Shared living among senior citizens recently has become a popular alternative. A study finds that 90-percent of elderly roommates say their lives have improved...they feel safer and even have a healthier diet

Living with Alzheimers Tom DeBaggio lives in Chantilly, Virginia with his wife Joyce. He runs an herb farm with Joyce and son Francesco. He also has early-onset Alzheimer's. The DeBaggios are sharing their story with all of us, through conversations with All Things Considered host Noah Adams.

Myths About Aging It's expensive to grow old in America. Images of aging are sometimes bleak: outrageous hospital costs, patients on life support, and unneccesary doctor visits. At the heart of the debate is what to do about Social Security, Medicare costs, physician-assisted suicide, and medical research priorities.

Our Parents' Keepers Caring for aging parents is becoming a defining life issue for many Americans. In addition to the medical, legal and financial issues, the shift in balance of the parent-child relationship creates an emotional hurdle.

A Roundtable Discussion on Grief and Bereavement

A discussion of various grief reactions to the death of someone close. Bereavement, in the view of the panel, is not something one "gets over," but instead is something that can be accommodated, ameliorated, and -- eventually -- successfully integrated into the survivor's life. The panel discusses the role of ritual and the changing role of formal "rites of mourning." They also discuss "disenfranchised" grief -- grief over losses that are often not recognized as such by the wider public.

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