Rett Syndrome
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Rett's Disorder 299.80
Asperger's Disorder 288.80 - links to the DSMIV made Easy Website
Autistic Disorder 299.00
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder 299.10
Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS 299.80
Autism - PDD Resource Network - This site guides you to the key issues associated with spectrum disorders. There is a growing awareness of the nature of autism and the kinds of approaches to diagnosis, treatment and care that are likely to be effective in meeting the needs of autistic individuals and their families
Autism Network for Dietary Intervention
The Autism Society of America
Center for the Study of Autism Website
Cure Autism Now (CAN) Foundation
Current Research on Autism - Child Development Institute Website
do to learn - This site provides information and special learning tools for anyone having difficulty understanding, ordering and functioning in our world. Site has activities to help children and adults with diagnosed disorders such as autism, LD or ADD.
M.I.N.D. Institute at the University of California, Davis - A team of UC Davis researchers and clinicians in diverse but related disciplines and a dedicated group of community leaders that is intensely focused on solving the puzzle of neurodevelopmental disorders have joined together at the M.I.N.D. Institute. Through an integrated, comprehensive approach to the stubborn problem of neurodevelopmental disorders, the M.I.N.D. Institute will...
National Parent Information Network - (NPIN) is a project of the ERIC system, which is administered by the National Library of Education in the U.S. Department of Education. The mission of NPIN is to provide access to research-based information about the process of parenting, and about family involvement in education
Northern Light Special Edition - Autism Resources
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PDD Support Home Page
Rett Syndrome Association - UK
Special - A Resource and Service for Parents and Professionals
Unlocking Autism Site - The mission of this site is: To bring the issues of autism from individual homes to the forefront of national dialogue. To join parents and professionals in one concerted effort to fight for these children who cannot lift their voices to the nation for help. To educate parents about pending legislation and existing laws. To educate parents about the biomedical treatments. To assist parents of newly diagnosed children by providing direction through a parent-to-parent support hotline in an effort to network families across the country. This will decrease the time parents need to research the disorder, allowing them to quickly find professionals and information about the therapies available in their immediate area. To raise funds for
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International Rett Syndrome Association
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Screening Tool - Toddlers
CHAT - Checklist for Autism in Toddlers - A Screening Tool


Discussion Groups on Rett Syndrome
Yahoo Groups on Rett Syndrome and Special Needs
Selected Readings on Rett Syndrome
Pathways to Learning in Rett Syndrome by Jackie Lewis, Debbie Wilson
Rett Syndrome-Clinical & Biological Aspects (Clinics in Developmental Medicine, No 127) by Bengt Hagberg, Maria Anvret, Jan Wahlstrom (Editor)
Selected Readings on Autism
Art Therapy With Children on the Autistic Spectrum : Beyond Words by Kathy Evans, Janek Dubowski
Autism : Behavior-Analytic Perspectives by Patrick M. Ghezzi (Editor), W. Larry Williams (Editor), James E. Carr
Autism : Identification, Education, and Treatment by Dianne E. Berkell Zager (Editor)
Autism : Information and Resources for Professionals and Parents by Richard L. Simpson, Paul Zionts
Autism Treatment Guide by Elizabeth K. Gerlach
Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism : A Manual for Parents and Professionals by Catherine Maurice (Editor), Gina Green (Editor), Stephen C. Luce (Editor)
The Child With Special Needs : Encouraging Intellectual and Emotional Growth by Stanley I., Md. Greenspan, Serena, Ph.D. Weider, Robin Simon (Contributor), Serena Wieder
Do They Grow Out of It? : Long-Term Outcomes of Childhood Disorders by Lily Hechtman (Editor)
Handbook of Infant Mental Health by Joy D. Osofsky (Editor), Hiram E. Fitzgerald (Editor), World Association f
Just This Side of Normal : Glimpses into Life With Autism by Elizabeth King Gerlach
Late-Talking Children by Thomas Sowell
Not Otherwise Specified : When Sensory Integration Affects Your Child : Working With the Child With Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Pdd) by Joan, Dr Fallon, Joan, DC FICCP Fallon
Play and Imagination in Children With Autism (Special Education Series (New York, N.Y.).) by Pamela J. Wolfberg
Teaching Children With Autism : Strategies for Initiating Positive Interactions and Improving Learning Opportunities by Robert L. Koegel (Editor), Lynn Kern Koegel (Editor)
A Work in Progress : Behavior Management Strategies & A Curriculum for Intensive Behavioral Treatment of Autism by Ron Leaf, John McEachin, Jaisom D. Harsh
Autism - This journal reflects the recent worldwide growth in the research and understanding of autistic spectrum disorders, and the consequent impact on the provision of treatment and care
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Announcing a Special Issue of JASH The Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps. The Fall, 1999 Issue of JASH is devoted to Interventions for Young Children with Autism. The purpose of this special issue is to highlight a range of best practices in educational interventions. Rather than attempting to demonstrate that one approach is more or less effective than the others, this issue advocates that we consider the strengths and contributions of varied approaches so that we may discover what works best for individual children and their families. This is refreshing and welcome message during this current period of intense educational debate in the field of autism.
Brief Diagnostic Article by Dr. Stephen Edelson
Article on the History of Rett's Syndrome - Reprinted From the AGSA Newsletter with the permission of The Association of Genetic Support of Australia
National Institute of Neurological Disorder Rett's Syndrome Information Page